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Ashok Leyland is an Indian automobile. Its company headquartered in Chennai, India. Hinduja Group owned this company in a good manner. It was Founded in 1948. Mainly the Ashok Leyland was the second company for manufacturing the commercial vehicle. The company was the fourth larger manufacture of buses in the world and at 10th position for the truck manufacturer. In the Finacial Year, they sold 140,000 vehicles. The market share of 32.1% according to the census of the Finacial year of 2016. The second largest commercial vehicle company in India sold by Ashok Leyland. The passenger transportation ranging from 10 seaters to 74 seaters. The leader of the Bus segment in the market was Ashok Leyland. The truck ranges from 7.5 to 49 tons. The official website of the company was


The founder of Ashok Leyland was Raghunandan Saran in the year 1948. The Raghunandan is a freedom fighter from the Punjab state. After the Independence I 1945 he meets with first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru so that they invest in their company of modern industrial venture. First this company incorporated in 1948 as a company to assemble and manufacture Cars like Austin from England. The company was named on his son name Ashok Saran. The main company headquarters in Rajaji Salai, Chennai than in Madras. It was in the fishing hamlet in the North of Chenn

Under Leyland

The owner of Ashok Leyland died in the air crash. He has started the negotiating with Leyland Motor of England. This company many commercial vehicles which at the time of passenger car. At last, the company was taken under the Madras state Government. At that time many shareholders start invests on this company and taking any share of that. In the year 1954, the Leyland changes its name to the Ashok Leyland (Son name of Raghunandan Saran). At this year many commercial vehicles have manufactured.
The collaboration has ended in 1975 for some time but the holding of British Leyland. But now a major British Auto Conglomerate prove as a result of several mergers, agreed to assist in technology to show some difference, which continued until the 1980s. After 1975, changes in management structures saw the company want to be launch more or launched various vehicles in the Indian market, with many of these models continuing because due to larger demand to this day with numerous upgrades over the years.

The has maintaied a best or profitable record for 60 years. The annual revenue of the Ashok Leyland was US$3.2 billion in 2016–17. They sold the 140,457 medium, heavy vechicles in 2016-17. Leyland was the one of the largest exportes of heavy truck.
In the year 2013-14 the company pays a tax upto Rs.290 million to the goverment. Ashok Leyland did not clear any dividends.
Company increases its rate capacity to 105,000 vechicles per year. On the year of 2012 company supplies 100 Falcon buses to Ghana. They sold for this $7.6 million (about Rs. 420 million). Ashok Leyland exports about 12000 trucks to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This demand 80% increases day by day.


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