Oneplus,Oneplus Electric Car

The Electric Wrapped Car: BY One plus

It’s April 1, and tech companies across the MANY COUNTRIES are on their heels trying to pull off pranks on their fans and customers. This isn’t something new, rather, tech giants like Google have been celebrating events for the completion of 15 year anniversary like these since forever. In 2015, Google introduced a version of the popular arcade game, like Pac-Man in Google Maps to celebrate April Fool’s day. Interestingly, the Chinese technology company, OnePlus announced its plan to release its Warp Car or best electric car, which will be the company’s first electric supercar, or the first supercar, or the first car of sorts. Even more so, this announcement was put out on April 1 2019, giving a clear indication of what the company is up to.

OnePlus says that today, April 1 (AKA April Fools’ Day), is the day you can say goodbye to gasoline is the main statement by the Oneplus — but there’s no information of availability of the car — all we’re told is that it’s “coming soon.” Let’s just hope it arrives on the market faster than a certain company’s $35,000 mid-sized electric sedan car we also think is liked by the people. 

The company accompanied the announcement with a short teaser video and some pictures, and by the looks of it, it appears that the OnePlus car will consist of many, many curves and little else.

Smartphone maker OnePlus has posted a teaser for an upcoming electric car called Wrap Electric Car — presumably after the company’s fast battery-charging techenology.

One Plus just announced their brand new warp-drive enabled, electric car, allowing you to go from Las Vegas to LA in a single 20-minute charge

The company claims that its “Warp Car” is printed using SLS 3D and ABS 3D printing so that people who “buy” it in the future can customize the design at their homes. Seemingly, OnePlus is applying the modular design implementation to vehicles. However, it’s easy to see through this gimmick. The company states that the owners of the “Warp Car” can replace any worn out parts in the vehicle, and replace them with brand new parts. It all sounds a bit…. shady.

Furthermore, another very hilarious feature stated by OnePlus includes the integration of the OnePlus smartphone with the “Warp Car”, where the company claims that the car owners (this might sound a bit ridiculous) can replace the steering wheel with their OnePlus smartphones. Keeping the outrageousness of the features down a notch would have worked out better for the company. Something on the lines of the upcoming notch-less OnePlus 7.

Oneplus,Oneplus Electric Car

Moreover, the company states that the owners can easily drive the car using gesture controls on the smartphone-cum-steering-wheel. Apparently, swiping left and right on the OnePlus device will enable the car to turn to the respective directions, and swiping up and down will lead to the forward and reverse movement of the car respectively. In another hilarious statement, OnePlus promises the users that in the first OTA (over the air) update, users will get an airplane mode, which won’t necessarily help the car to fly (although OnePlus could have pulled it off too), but will disable all notifications so that a person doesn’t accidentally swipe the wrong way and crashes the car.

OnePlus says that customers can use their smartphone’s torch to light up the external headlights as well as the internal lamps and all work with their Oneplus smartphone. To charge the vehicle, users can plug in 20 volts – that’s right, 20 OnePlus Warp Chargers to charge the car in one day. Just when you think the company could not go more over the top, it stoops down real low as it states that its customers should be the at least 5’6″ tall, and they shouldn’t be taller thanfor the more than 5’8″ in order to accommodate them in the vehicle. Well, that’s a pretty solid niche. 

A user boosted the exposure on the warp car’s image the company had posted on the main page of Twitter and Instagram and found out that OnePlus had a message for its fans on the rear number plate, stating “Yes, we do cars now”. Even though it is clear that all of this was an obviously ridiculous or a better concept, we could imagine the amount of fun the company has had with this. As long as a prank doesn’t hurt anybody, it’s a good prank, and a lot of tech companies are following this roadmap this April Fool’s day and feeling jealous from Oneplus.


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