Tesla,Tesla Power Bank

Tesla Wireless Charger Or Powerbank

Tesla is an American Automotive company. The company mainly specialized in the electric car, manufacturing and solar panel manufacturing and SolarCity subsidiary. Its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Its operate the multiple production. Mainly Tesla sells the Models S, Model 3, Model X vehicles and Powerball and Powerbanks. Tesla founded in July 2003. Tesla made the fastest electric car in the world. After 10 years in the Tesla ranked the best selling passenger car manufacture in the year of the 2018.

Tesla is known for its electric Vehicles. In the recent post of Tesla, it launches an electric Semi-Truck. They also think about the electric racer car, it is a dream project for Tesla. Tesla unveiled work on two projects recently in the last two week. They send the charging world in the one drive. Recently they launched their best compatible power bank for the Android and iOS users. The battery capacity is sufficient for an iOS user. The Android user is happy with the Tesla power bank back up. Tesla priced their Power bank nearly $45 which we roughly translate to the India rupee it is nearly about Rs.3,00,000. The style launched by them is very good. The reviving of the Tesla power bank is so much good. Out of 1000 people approx 890 people likes the Tesla power bank design.

All About Specifaction

Tesla,Tesla Power Bank

Tesla power bank is a 3,500 mAh battery. Its integrated with the USB and Apple lighting and mainly deatchable micro USB.Tesla’s wireless charger has two rubber protrusions to keep a smartphone for touching its surface in order to avoid scratches. It is compatible to smartphones that have a Qi certification for the wireless charging.It comes with a battery capacity of 3,500mAh which means to be a truly “wireless” charger, unlike others all require to be plugged in the wall socket. It has a power output of 5W for wireless charging, 7.5W for wired charging or wall socket charging. The structure of the charger bears two ports – A USB port of Type-C port and the USB Type-A port. It also comes with a internal built USB Type-C cable for wired charging or wall socket charging of smartphones. The dimensions of Tesla powerbank measures to be a 108 x 30.5 x 23.3 mm. This device has been designed and inspired by Tesla’s supercharger whicg is mounted at the Tesla Design Studio. Even the box in which the powerbank comes in has a very good and best quality design showcasing the company’s standard of giving the best appealing products. The company says that the powerbank is equipped with high-efficiency cpacity to deliver the maximum battery percentage. There’s also a charger indicator on the powerbank. The powerbank is fueled upto a 3,350mAh battery which is a single cell of capacity 18,650. Tesla powerbank is available only in the US for now. It is currently available for purchase from the only company’s official website.


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