How the Adidas Rise In The Market

Adidas is now very much popular in the market. Increasing the population of the world increases the selling product of Adidas. It is a multinational company. It’s headquartered located in Herzogenaurach, Germany. It is a German Company. Nowadays they manufacture shoes, clothes, and accessories. The Adidas is the largest manufacturer of sportswear in the Europe, and the second largest in the world. The compnany was started from the small house. The compnany started by Adolf Dassler in the mother house. In the year of 1924 he joined his brother Dassler shoe factory. Due to some some reason the bond between the brothers are broken down Adolf creates his compnany Adidas and his brother Rudolf creates his companay Puma. From this seperation the compnany Adidas has launched in the market. By givning the good quality the company has maked the namein the market. This brand name starts with the lower case “a”.


Now we start with the owner of Adidas. He gives very much time to their work. He was a good person. He started the work from the small space like his mother laundry room in the Herzogenaurach. The company was started after world war I. Nowadays the present headquarters is also in Herzogenaurach. There is no shifting of headquarters. The sculpture of Dassler in the Adi Dassler stadium was made which was in the Herzogenaurach, Germany. When he joined the brother shoe factory the electricity supply in the Herzogenaurach was unreliable, So they have to make shoes by pedal work of the bicycle to run their machines or equipment. In the world war, II Dasslers has sold the 200,000 shoes.


Adidas like other brand or like people thinking it want to increases the market of their product. They want that coustmer should be loyal to their product. In the recently study of marketing their are three loyal name was published by people in which adidas comes on second poistion after the Nike. The adidas wants to come on first poistion. In the mid year of 1990s the company divides its brand into three main parts

  1. Adidas Performance
  2. Adidas Originals
  3. Style Essentials
    The Adidas performance was created for the athlete. Adidas originals were designed to focus on the lifestyle clothing and brand. And the last Style Essentials deals with the fashion market. The main group of style essentials was Y-3 where the Y- represents the Yamamoto and the 3 representing the three stripes of the Adidas.
    The most memorable campaigns launched by the company was in 2004 that was “Impossible is nothing”.

Corporate Information

  • CEO: Kasper Rorsted
  • Chief Financial Officer: Harm Ohlmeyer
    Global Brands: Eric Liedtke
    Global Operations: Gil Steyeart
    Global Sales: Roland Auschel

Financial Information

Net Income48355164224556778749063410171097
Net Debt223117662189917221


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