Classification Of Fuels


A fuel is any material that can be react with some substance so that it released heat energy to be used for work like cooking etc. when the energy react with fuel it converted into machinal energy via a heat engine. Many times heat has many use like cooking or industrial products. Wood is the first fuel used by the ancient time people. Any soutce of heat energy is called the fuel. All the combustile substance incldues in a fuel like petrol, diesel etc. Generally fuels burn in the presence of oxygen and they form the oxide. In our daily life fuels has many important to us

Calorific value

The energy contained in a fuel or food determined by measuring the heat produced by the complete combustion of a specified quantity of it. This is now usually expressed in joules per kilogram.

It may be defined as the amount of heat lebreated in calories. The complete combustion of a combustible material with oxygen and take condensation of the product to the desired temperature

Calorific values hs the unit BTU represents the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of matter through 110 degree

Classification Of Fuels

A fuel is a substance which give combustion or heat energy. The main constitution was carbon and hydrogen. When fuel are used through the cell of organisms is known to be cellular respiration.

Natural fuelArtificial fuel
coal etc.
charcol etc.
Natural gas
coke oven gas

Types Of Fuel

Fossil Fuel

A natural fuel such as coal formed by the earths itself. It is formed by the dead decaying part of plant and animal which can buried deep inside the earth due to earthquake. It took about 650 million years.

• Coal

It is the most important and growing fossil fuel used for power generation but now a cleaner fuel such as fuel oil or natural gas.

• Coke

It is a fire fuel but too expensive and mainly used in blast furnace operation where it act as a fuel as well as chemicals raw materials.

• Solid Fuel

The fuels refer to various type of solid material that can be used to produce energy and provide heating, it is relased through the combustion. There are three type of coal found in the earth crust are anthracite, bituminous and lignite. There is no such major difference between these types pf coal. Further coal is classified as semi anthracite, semi bituminous and sub bituminous. Anthracite is the oldest form of coal found in the earth crust. In this there is no moisture and containing high percentage of coal. Solid fuel contains combustible organic matter and incombustible or mineral part known as ballast. The organic part of fuel consist of carbon, hydrogen, and sulphur. The organic portion may also include elements such as nitrogen and sulphur. When we hydrolysis the ash part the solid fuel residue left.

• Liquid Fuel

The fuels are mainly derived from the petroleum and follow coal is impotance as a source of heat for power generation. Petroleum products also furmish energy for internal combustion engines. It fuels like a furnance oil and are predominantly used in industrial application. This is fossilized remains of dead plant and animals by explosure to heat and pressure in the earth’s crust. For example hydrogen fuel, jet fuel etc.

Natural Solid Fuel


Woods are easily available in the market and commonly to be known as solid fuel. First fuel discovered as wood. From the ancient time the wood is used as fuel. There are 39 type of wood which is used as a fuel. Wood conatins mainly the cellulose, resin etc. The calorufic value of wood is lies between 4000 BTU to 6480 BTU PER pound.

Kind of woodLowest calorifc value Highest calorifc value

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