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Apple Users Now Listen The Podcasts Directly On The Web

Apple is giving its podcast web pages a much needed update in the iOS.

The Cupertino-based company is rolling out the newly designed pages for all shows available via Apple Podcasts in the Apple iPhone and iPad. One of the most notable changes? Users will finally be able to listen to podcast episodes directly on there Apple product, right on the Apple Podcast web pages for each show.

Apple,Apple Podcasts

Playback controls on Apple Podcast pages are extremely limited this the bad news— the only option is to press a play button next to each episode; there are no other control options to control them the voice, like fast forward or rewind. But this is a big step up from pushing users to open the iTunes app if they want to listen to a podcast episode by buying the product.

Other design changes like more prominent podcast cover art, more accurate podcast rating numbers, and individual click-through pages for each podcast episode featuring full-show descriptions at the starting.

The changes have yet to be rolled out to every podcast available via Apple iPhone and iPad.

Apple,Apple Podcasts

This update coincides with a new report that Apple is planning on splitting the best app iTunes into multiple apps, including a standalone Apple Podcast Mac app.

The design changes mirror updates to the company’s own Podcasts mobile app for there phone. Previously, Apple’s podcast page UI took after the old iTunes design which has published early. The interface for podcast pages remained unchanged for years, even well after Apple gave iTunes a much-needed makeover in 2017 and work on the best app.

The company has also updated its web designs for Apple Movies and TV shows like the other companies. (The podcast change is particularly notable, as it’s the only update to bring media playback directly to the web of the podcast.)

Apple has long been a leader in the podcast market up to now. However, its biggest streaming competitor for the other company, Spotify, has been shoring up its own growing podcast division with a number of acquistion. These recent updates from Apple are not only much needed, they may also be signaling that Apple is ready to refocus its podcast efforts as well.


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