Google,Googel Pixel,Google Pixel 4

All About Google Pixel 4: Best Smartphone

Google,Googel Pixel,Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel is a company owned by Google. It is a line of an electronic device developed by Google but runs either by the Android Operating System and Chrome OS. They have launched their company in the 2013 February. The first generation of google pixel is the Chromebook Pixels. The company Pixels included laptops, tablets, and smartphone, as well as many accessories.

The Pixel 4 assuming relases this phone in this year. All the coustmising theme and rate are not avilable by the Google. But if the Google launches their Pixel 4 in the market they launches in the October. Tha date was announcedin the March. It is the next generation smartphone in the market with the new specification. All the company eyes on the Google pixels 4 Or says to be on the new specification of this smartphone. The Pictures and sketches ot the smartphone are not confirmed by the Google upto now. The news launched by the worker of the company. The news is produced in few days ago. Many blloger wrote on this topic. This news officialy launched by the Google at the end of this month the mainly known to be March. The Google launching their smartphone as like as the Google Pixel 3.

Price of the Google Pixel 4

Price of the new smartphone £739 for the standard model and £839


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